We are dedicated to developing people by enabling them to transform the way they think so they may experience productive and sustainable satisfaction in their work and personal lives.

Increasing performance for:

  • Individuals

    Personal and professional performance improvement, Development and Leadership Coaching

  • Teams

    Group Behavioural Assessments, Team Building Simulations, Problem Solving Facilitation and Training

  • Organisations

    Organisational Culture and Effectiveness, High Performance through Engagement, Strategic Mentoring

Meet the Practitioners

A Community of Experts

Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Strategic Mentor, Founder

Karl Perry

Karl helps people achieve breakthroughs in performance individually, in teams and as organisations. He works across the globe with clients who are seeking high performance. Providing strategic guidance, operational support, facilitation, culture measures, psychometric assessments, coaching and training Karl helps implement all aspects of High Performance through Engagement. He works with individuals and teams at an operational level and with whole organisations at a strategic level. If you want to harness your true potential and the collective intelligence of your people then Karl is your man.

Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Writer

Linden Vazey

Throughout her 12+ year consulting career supporting large complex organisations in security, technology and risk, Linden developed a reputation for bringing out the best in people she worked with. Her coaching leadership style is focused on building trust, fostering creativity, and helping people solve their own problems and achieve their goals. During 2020 Linden made the bold decision to resign from her Senior Manager position at EY to start her own coaching practice to help others who want to lead their lives differently. Linden supports leaders to become more clear, confident and resilient using problem solving methods, self-reflection, personal development, and authentic leadership.

Teacher, Trainer, Author, Speaker and Finance Expert

Graham Scott

Graham is a master teacher of the entire Theory of Constraints (ToC) Thinking Process. He has also studied and applied ToC to finance and accounting and developed a new approach called collaborative finance. He helps clients to find and unblock the hidden money in their organisations. As a registered accountant and business advisor Graham is often sort out for his advice and support when organisations are feeling financially constrained and are looking for ways to increase commercial responsibility.