Everyone at some point in their professional development wonders how they are doing. Feedback plays an essential role in this self-realisation process. As individuals, we have perceptions of how effective we believe we are in the workplace.          

But what about the impact your behaviour has on others? 

Do they see the same qualities in you as you see in yourself?

As we work to become better leaders and managers, one of our most profound difficulties is our lack of feedback. 

Looking at ourselves through others' eyes provides information essential to the self-development process. 

Often our intentions are not what others see. Learning the difference can significantly enhance our self-awareness and our leadership style. 

And this is what the MYLeadership® - 360° aims to achieve.        

MYLeadership® - 360° takes the fear out of feedback. It brings reliable data and a robust process by combining a world-class assessment, the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI 1 & 2), and a unique synthesis of systems thinking, immunity to change, and daring leadership combined with the care of an accredited practitioner.         

Used together, the LSI 1 & 2 provides objective feedback on your thinking and behaviour patterns. When combined and examined, you can more accurately assess your strengths and areas in which you may want to improve.

MYLeadership® - 360° is the missing link that takes you from self-awareness to self-authoring using science-based tools

It's a well researched, scientific and systems based approach to accelerate personal change.

Improve your Leadership

  • discover new ways of thinking and behaving

  • improve your effectiveness as a leader

  • cope better with stress, pressure, and change

  • achieve self-set goals

  • apply more flexible and creative thinking

  • improve your interpersonal relationships

  • increase team performance

Transform in 3 steps:

  • Life-Style Inventory™ (LSI).

    Developed by Dr. J. Clayton Lafferty, the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI 1 & 2) measures 12 specific styles of thinking and behaviour that are either helping or hurting your leadership effectiveness.

  • 5 + 1 Coaching Sessions

    No ordinary coaching sessions! MYLeadership® is a unique synthesis of systems thinking, immunity to change and daring leadership combined with the care of an accredited practitioner.

  • Re-test, Review & Celebrate

    What gets measured gets done! You'll get access to the LSI assessment not just once, but twice so you can measure your growth and celebrate your success! This is the + 1.

Your personalised coaching programme:

In MYLeadership® - 360° you’ll dig deeper and understand your leadership style better than any book, podcast or video you’ve consumed.

We’ll combine real data and outside-the-box thinking tools to tackle your immunity to change. So you can finally make that leap.

Through private one-on-one sessions with Karl, your professional accredited coach, you’ll discover your objective, decide on a game plan, and get the accountability your need to make real, results-driven changes in your life.

You'll develop a clear, simple and practical action plan to keep you anchored so that you don't revert to your old ways.

And after you’re finished, you’ll walk away feeling lighter, happier and more satisfied than you have felt in a long time.

It works because:

It's based on proven adult development theory and vertical leadership growth.  It helps you to handle variability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  This is the type of leadership development that makes the biggest difference now, in the "knowledge age".

“We are in the middle of one of the most profound shifts in human history, where the primary work of mankind is moving from the Industrial Age of “control” to the Knowledge Worker Age of “release.”

Stephen R Covey

The Full Details

To achieve the full benefit from your Life-Style Inventory™ (LSI 1 and 2) I will help you to interpret your results, think about what you learn and set goals around what you want to change.

    1. Life Styles Inventory™ (124 Page) Self-Development Guide

    2. Self Development Guide - Introduction

    3. How The LSI Works

    4. What Does LSI 1 Self-Description Measure?

    5. What Does LSI 2 Description By Others Measure?

    6. The Thinking and Behaviour Styles

    1. Video descriptions of the styles

    2. Humanistic-Encouraging

    3. Affiliative

    4. Approval

    5. Conventional

    6. Dependent

    7. Avoidance

    8. Oppositional

    9. Power

    10. Competitive

    11. Perfectionistic

    12. Achievement

    13. Self-actualizing

Transform in 3 Steps

  • Life Styles Inventory™
  • Coaching
  • Re-test and celebrate

Hi, I'm Karl, YourThinkingCoach.

Coach | Trainer | Facilitator | Strategic Mentor

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked across the globe with clients who are seeking to become High Performance Organisations. 

My High Performance through Engagement Strategy (HPtE Strategy®) provides a road map to support clients with strategic guidance, facilitation of complex problem solving, conflict resolution and leadership development. 

Our proprietary coaching programmes MYMindset®, MYLeadership® and MYCoaching® are safe, fast and proven ways to Master Your Mindset, Leadership or Coaching capability.

Through these programmes, I have literally helped thousands of people change their thinking and behaviour. 

And now I’ve taken my years of top-tier consulting expertise to create a best-in-class private and exclusive one-on-one coaching experience.

  • 300 +

    People have experienced being coached by Karl and know what it feels like to have a breakthrough

  • 90%

    Of the people who engage Karl use his services again and/or refer him to others

  • 20 +

    Years is how long Karl has been coaching, training, facilitating and consulting.

Engaged by:

Karl can quickly and methodically bring clarity to frustrating and hidden challenges, while maintaining an exceptional degree of safety - Daniel Prager

Karl has a brilliant and very well thought out approach to leadership coaching.

His "special sauce" is a combination of method and presence. Karl can quickly and methodically bring clarity to frustrating and hidden challenges, while maintaining an exceptional degree of safety.

Through coaching sessions with Karl I have been able to identify and start to address several areas of personal and professional growth, and have also picked up important lessons in refined coaching technique.

I highly recommend Karl's coaching and look forward to him sharing and further developing his approach!

Imagine ...

Having a little extra expert help in your back pocket to help you finally break free from the thinking and behaviour patterns that have been holding your leadership back

Karl is a fantastic coach and excellent at focussing leaders on facilitatory and enabling behaviours to assist with team engagement - Richard Thurlow

His High Performance through Engagement programme has significantly helped me personally which is having a great impact on the team here at Waipuna Hospice.

A focus on the 3Cs (commercials, consumers and culture) enhance this process and build resilience and strengthen the team to solve complex issues as a team with full engagement.

I thoroughly recommend Karl if you want to unleash your team's potential whilst working on “self” at the same time!


Leaders and managers have a significant impact on those around them and on the culture and performance of their organisation. Their development is critical to employee engagement and organisational performance.

Overall I would say that this course is a great way to find and work with psychological constraints - Søren Skjold Andersen

I have participated in Karl Perry's programme.

His integration of the Evaporating Clouds from Theory of Constraints (TOC) and the LSI Circumplex is fascinating. Karl has a well-balanced approach of the right technological tools and live coaching session.

Despite being - literally - on the other side of the globe, with 12 hours of time difference, everything worked seamlessly.

Using an approach that took an outset in a self-reported assessment of my own thinking, Karl managed to shed new light on old patterns.

The reassessment at the end of the course demonstrated beyond doubt the impact of the course.

What else is included?

Our unique process and platform creates the ideal environment for success!

  • Thinking Tools

    Learn powerful thinking tools you can apply to any problem or challenge to unlock breakthrough results.

  • Re-test

    Objectively assess your progress with a re-test of your Life-Style Inventory™ after six months.

  • Success Community

    Join a constantly expanding community of like-minded​ people sharing their success.

Fulfil your potential!

The greatest value of LSI 1 and 2 lies in the fact that no other self-assessment tool actually reveals and measures the thinking and behavioural styles that help or hinder you in fulfilling your Leadership potential.

There are two ways to get started ...

Choose the option that works for you:

  • Subscription:

    Monthly payments of $575.00 (NZD) for as long as you need*

  • Single Payment:

    1 payment of $4,025.00 (NZD) - 6 month engagement*

*The Subscription:

If you want to ease your cashflow, pace your investment and the ability to opt out.

  • Ease your cashflow

    Ease your cashflow and pace your investment. Get two LSI assessments, one at the beginning and one at the end of your 3-step journey. The full programme normally takes 6 months. With this option, you can opt-out early or we can stay with you until you are ready for your re-test.

  • Peace of mind

    Confidence is the key. The first two payments cover the initial LSI assessment and one 90 minute coaching session with me. You may cancel after that if you decide the programme is not for you, no questions asked. If you decide to cancel, you’ll still walk away with the LSI results in hand and insights from the first session.

  • Success Community

    After you complete a re-test, you become a part of our Success Community where you’ll get access to special client discounts, future special events and our affiliate programme.

  • $575.00 / month

    MYLeadership® - 360° with Karl Perry

    This option allows you to cancel after the first debrief session if you decide the programme is not for you - no questions asked.

*The Single Payment option:

If this is long overdue, you know you need it and you're ready.

  • "Let's keep it simple"

    If cashflow is not a problem for you then this is your option. If your organisation is paying they will want one invoice and one receipt.

  • "I'm ready to unlock my potential"

    The key to success is action. There is nothing more motivating than committing to a re-test in 6 months.

  • Success Community

    After you complete a re-test, you become a part of our Success Community where you’ll get access to special client discounts, future special events and our affiliate programme.shops.

  • $4,025.00

    MYLeadership® - 360° with Karl Perry

    Popular with clients wanting their organisation to fund their development, need the motivation of a re-test and, who need an invoice and a receipt.
    Enrol now

"My 'mojo' is back!"

Thank goodness I had the good fortune of meeting Karl when I did!

By Tina Harris-Ririnui

When I first met Karl I felt I was an ineffective leader, I felt I lacked influence, I couldn't articulate myself as well as I used to be able - I was failing and I was struggling to get on top of things. Karl 'coached' (and challenged) me to identify and confront the way I think, which impacted on the way I behaved. Through a series of coaching sessions my self-awareness started to grow - the whys became clearer and in a staged-approach, what I needed to do resulted in positive thinking and behaving. My 'mojo' is back! I have clarity, better balance, self-satisfaction, more decisive, I'm happy and I'm an effective leader again. We all need coaches or mentors in our lives to shine light on what we sometimes don't see. Thank you Karl for your guidance and friendship, you are a fantastic being.