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    • Welcome and Introduction

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    Daring Leadership

    • Measuring vulnerability: the key to unlocking "daring" vs "armoured" leadership

    • Dr. Brené Brown - The Power of Vulnerability (TED Talk)

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    Exploring Mindset

    • How can we measure mindset?

    • Dr. Robert Kegan - The Evolution of the Self

  • 4

    Immunity to Change

    • Why do we find it so hard to change?

    • An Evening with Robert Kegan and Immunity to Change

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    Coming soon - Efrat's Cloud and changing mindset

    • Coming soon ...

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    Measuring Mindset

    • Introduction to Human Synergistics Tools for Personal and Leadership Performance

    • History and Key Researchers of the Circumplex

    • Reliability and Validity of Measure

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Karl Perry

Karl helps people achieve breakthroughs in performance individually, in teams and as organisations. He works across the globe with clients who are seeking high performance. Providing strategic guidance, operational support, facilitation, culture measures, psychometric assessments, coaching and training Karl helps implement all aspects of High Performance through Engagement. He works with individuals and teams at an operational level and with whole organisations at a strategic level. If you want to harness your true potential and the collective intelligence of your people then Karl is your man.