High Performance Thinking

  • Pre-Requisite Tree (PrT)

    The pre-requisite tree ought to be considered the most important tree in the Thinking Process suite. It is the tree that allows us to overcome the obstacles that stop us from implementing our plan.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Beginners Guide to Pre-Requisite Trees

    • Beginners Guide to Pre-Requisite Trees - Introduction

    • A bit of Theory

    • A Story

    • A bit more Theory!

    • Let's have a go!

    • Things to be aware of

    • Opportunities to use a PRT - Projects with lots of pieces and Team Building

    • Opportunities to use a PRT - Ambitious Goal/Team Building/Testing a concept

    • Opportunities to use a PRT - Coordinating different people who aren't in the same business

    • Opportunities to use a PRT - Other Uses

    • What's next?

Course Instructor

Teacher, Trainer, Author, Speaker and Finance Expert

Graham Scott

Graham is a master teacher of the entire Theory of Constraints (ToC) Thinking Process. He has also studied and applied ToC to finance and accounting and developed a new approach called collaborative finance. He helps clients to find and unblock the hidden money in their organisations. As a registered accountant and business advisor Graham is often sort out for his advice and support when organisations are feeling financially constrained and are looking for ways to increase commercial responsibility.