Discover the Power of finding Synergy between Commercial Responsibility, Customer Value, and Culture

Are you tired of the conflict, silos and bloating that stop your organisation delivering on its potential?

Do you want more collaboration, flow and throughput to drive performance and achieve more for your organisation?

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Join us for an engaging and informative session where we'll explore the complex relationship between commercial responsibility, customer value, and organisational culture, and learn how to find synergy between these factors to increase performance and achieve long-term success.

Whether you're a seasoned business leader or just starting out in your career, this webinar is sure to offer valuable insights and inspiration. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an experienced High Performance through Engagement Practitioner and take your organisation to the next level!

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What You’ll Learn in this Webinar:

  • The dependency between Commercial Responsibility, Customer Value, and Culture (the 3C’s)

  • The 9 key factors behind the 3C’s

  • How to find Synergy between the 3C’s to drive performance

  • The role of Interest-Based Problem-Solving and High Performance through Engagement

  • Where to focus to increase collaboration, flow and throughput

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Based on the teachings of Eliyahu Goldratt

From his book “It's Not Luck”

… “Let me review what we have agreed on.

We agreed that we should,

'Make money now as well as in the future,’

‘Provide a secure and satisfying environment for employees now as well as in the future’, and

Provide satisfaction to the market now as well as in the future.’

The first one represents the traditional view of people who own companies.

The second is the traditional view of the unions, the employees’ representatives.

And the third expresses the message that all new management methods are zealously advocating.

We, as top managers, must make sure that our companies provide all of them.”

Proven in the real world

From Christopher Luxon, previous CEO of Air New Zealand

“The thing for me is recognising that, as a business leader, you have a responsibility to lead a company for the future, leaving it in a better place in five, 10, 15, or 20 years’ time. My job is to make sure that commercials are strong, the customer experience is great, the culture of the organisation is constantly improving.”

“High Performance Engagement (HPE) has been a fantastic success story for Air New Zealand, setting the tone for collaboration at all levels of the organisation. Employees have direct and substantive involvement in problem solving, initiating improvements and the decision-making process, which has led to an increase in collaboration scores in our regular employee engagement survey. HPE has also driven stronger relationships with our union partners.”

Relied on today

From Roger Gray, CEO of Ports of Auckland

“Modern port “turn arounds” don’t simply focus on one metric…. 

We are focusing on turning the port around from commercial, cultural and customer perspective, not simply from a speed perspective.”

Discover the power of synergy

Customer - Commercial - Culture

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Excellent for Organisational Leaders - now and in the future

Robert Bolton

Karl is a change agents, CHANGE agent. He knows what he is doing. This session titled "Conflict, Silos and Bloating in your organisation" is a reminder...

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Karl is a change agents, CHANGE agent. He knows what he is doing. This session titled "Conflict, Silos and Bloating in your organisation" is a reminder that most business and organisations usually deal with system complexity by adding more resources and dividing up the chain, i.e. they create Silo's. This workshop, led by Karl and Linden offers another direction for business leaders to take. It is a choice. And a good one. They skilfully demonstrate the flow of information and find the interdependences of Customer, Culture and Commercial legs with the IBPS model. The collective understanding and application expertise of Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Human Synergistics approach underpins the solid logic to this approach. If you are about to embark upon a organisational or business change, I would highly recommend this workshop as part of your toolkit. Good Luck. Robert Bolton Real Capacity Sydney, Australia

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